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Projectorquest.com is a division of Global Tradequest, Inc. located in Rochester, NY. Established in 2006, the focus of our web store is to provide our customers with the lowest prices in projection equipment and replacement parts, without compromising quality of product or service. We accomplish this by sourcing globally, either directly from the manufacturer or an authorized wholesaler, and purchasing in bulk from established suppliers with whom we have long-standing relationships. Our highly efficient logistics system ensures on-time delivery and our team of experienced, in-house support specialists provide the highest level of service.

We are dedicated to ensuring each customer has the best possible shopping experience at our store. We have taken considerable diligence to provide you with accurate product information, the easiest terms and return policy possible online, the most extensive manufacturer warranty coverage available in the industry, and low-cost same-day shipping, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). For repeat purchasers, we offer a loyalty program and special pricing, for large-order customers we offer volumetric discounts, and for government and education purchasers we offer a dedicated account management team, discounts and 30-day terms.

The Projectorquest.com team at Global Tradequest hopes you find your experience with us more than satisfactory, as have more than 99% of our customers according to our eBay feedback. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your experience with us, we hope you will feel free to contact us. Thank you for your business.

Global Tradequest

Global Tradequest, Inc (GTQ) is a closely held, full-service eCommerce firm. Our company is comprised of trade and marketing specialists across select categories related to technology equipment, parts and accessories such as projection, mobile computing, printing and filtration. The principle goal of our specialists is to seek out opportunities globally that will allow us to offer quality-made products to buyers at competitive prices, wholly through the eCommerce channel.

These opportunities typically come from our special trade network, selling partners and long-standing relationships with manufacturers and distributors. We also utilize auctions, liquidations and investor relationships for special opportunities.  Leveraging these opportunities along with our highly-efficient business model, our objective is always to be the low-cost leader for every product in each of our businesses. Yet offering the lowest price is not sufficient.  We are also dedicated to achieving the highest level of service to both our customers and suppliers to round out our value proposition and ensure all stakeholders gain an advantage in their business relationship with us.


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GSA Contract Holder